Personal Style and the Parker Posey Influence

Louie Season 3 is finally on Netflix and I couldn’t be happier. Considering that my favorite current show is finally done (Goodbye, Breaking Bad), it’s nice to have something, especially something light, to fall back on. Louie’s a show that I can always rely on to be good and to get my mind off my troubles and to make me laugh. Watched the first few episodes today, some of which I’d already seen (“Who told the gorilla he couldn’t go to the ballet?”), and others which are brand new (Miami, and Louie on Date). The Miami one was great, if only because that’s where we live and it’s where I’ve always been from and I could just relate full well to Louie’s disorientation on South Beach. But the date one was even better in a way (well, they were, rather, since it was a two-parter). Parker Posey’s the girl Louie asks out and truth be told, it may have been the first time I absolutely loved her.


Parker Posey always plays such strong characters, and I don’t mean she lifts weights or leads movements. She’s just always kind of loud and brash. Abrasive. She played another strong character in this one as well, but I have to say I was totally in love with her style. Dangle-y earrings, cute and mismatched rings, flower print tops, bangs and her hair in a pulled up braid. She’s funky, kind of vintage, and fun. I’m not much of a stylish person myself, but sometimes I’ll see someone and wonder, “Damn, how’d they get that to work and how can I get that to work on me?”

I just don’t have the patience for fashion, even if it’s an unfashionable sort. I tend to lose all my jewelery (which is why I rarely have any). My weight has been fluctuating the past few years (I blame the last year and a half’s fluctuations on pregnancy, of course). And I’m usually broke, so I can’t usually afford the things I’d like to buy anyway, so I usually buy plain, “sensible” items. Maybe someday that won’t be the case.

If I ever get all my laundry clean at once, I’d really like to figure out how many “looks” I can put together with the little bit of clothing I’ve got to work with. I’m almost 30 and I told myself that this final year in my 20s is the time to reinvent myself and finally become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve been putting it off and saying, “Next time” and “Next year” and slowly but surely I’m realizing if I don’t make it happen now, it never will.

I just need to take it one step at a time. Think I’ll take a few bucks to the thrift this weekend if my body’s feeling up to it. Or maybe I’ll peruse Etsy for some funky jewelry. I deserve a little something now and again, and I need to stop feeling guilty for rewarding myself. A little style can go a long way.