I’m starting That Blossom Girl as a new haven for my writing, in hopes of becoming more honest with myself and with the world.

I’m 29 years old and living a life I never really sought out or expected to have. This isn’t a bad thing, just different. I’m married to a wonderful, eccentric, very tall man I like referring to as JB. We have one daughter, Margaret Hope, but she is no longer with us as she was born very premature at 22 weeks. I am currently pregnant with our second child, a son yet to be named. Pregnancy brings a lot of joy and stress and hope and worry and love, and I’ll likely write about this frequently.

I studied anthropology and creative writing as an undergrad and would love to return to school eventually to do my grad studies, possibly in women’s and gender studies. For now, I (ironically) work as an editor for pornography magazines. It’s not what I ever set out to become, but it (slightly) pays the bills.

Things I Like: acoustic guitars, massages, photography, getting lost in new towns, nature, getting a good night’s sleep, the Gilmore Girls, nice and happy children, curiosity, chocolate, vegetarian meals (especially in unexpected places), graphic novels, yoga, learning and academia, friendly people.

Things I Don’t Like: mean people, pro-lifers (especially when they protest in front of abortion clinics), bad and/or aggressive drivers, fear (especially in regards to my pregnancy), people who litter, poverty, homelessness, bad medical care, bigots, the patriarchy, really loud attention-seeking types.


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